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Water skiing

In the Pływadła store we offer water skiing, tricky, wakeboard at the lowest price. We offer high quality combo skis and slalom skis.

Familiarize yourself with our wide range of products for water skiing. Feel the power and unearthly sensations of professional water skiing towed behind a motorboat. Sport invented in 1922 in the USA is becoming more and more popular in Poland.

The best conditions for water skiing are favored on large lakes, rivers or sea bays without waves.
Water skiing are divided into professional and amateur use. For entertainment, we recommend skis about 1.7 meters long and 15 to 20 cm wide. The selection of appropriate ligaments is important. For amateurs, we recommend skis with a special fin that improves balance. When it comes to slalom skis, it is required that they have a wider front from the back.

When using the skis, remember about the mandatory vest, helmet and foam.